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Ecosystem services and Public media

Recently Melody Kramer, a Digital Strategist and Editor at NPR, has been sharing her thoughts on Twitter and the NPR Social Media Desk Tumblr of making public media a more open and inclusive space. She is frequently drawing on the analogies of other public spaces such as parks and libraries. This got me considering the comparison […]

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Resources for Ecosystem Services and Markets in Tennessee

Finding relevant data on ecosystem services and markets can be challenging. In some cases, there is too much and it’s esoteric; and in others, the information is scant. Below, is a list of resources, mostly specific to Tennessee but often applicable to all of Appalachia. Hopefully you will find it helpful, and please share any […]

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Pricing of Watershed Services for Compensatory Mitigation

In a previous post background, options, and general pricing of mitigation areas for watershed services was examined for forest landowners. However, the pricing issue is a tough one, with little basis and being dependent on site-specific variables and markets. Therefore, it deserves a closer look. Here are some potential pricing scenarios and valuations for landowners […]

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Compensatory Mitigation and Forest Landowners

Due to recent revisions of the Clean Water Act (CWA), demand in some areas are high for compensatory mitigation sites, which could offer real benefits for forest landowners. These policy changes by the Army Corps of Engineers (the Corps) require mitigation sites have long-term protection, are within the same watershed as the disturbance, and generally […]

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Mountain stream

Introduction to Ecosystem Services

The concept of human welfare depending on environmental health has long been apparent in human thought and existence. From the earliest examples of humans being totally reliant on their resources at hand for survival to more recent and nuanced benefits and services such as clean air and water, the importance of these products has been […]

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