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I recently had the good fortune of being featured as one of the members in the American Alpine Club’s (AAC) Guidebook to Membership 2013. I have been a member of the AAC since the late nineties and was happy to support the club. This came about as I was telling one of my favorite stories from a rowdy night at the Climbers’ Ranch on Twitter and it was picked up by their social media folks. They asked if I might be willing to submit a few lines on their behalf. I was honored to do so.

AAC Hale Twitter

Story telling from the AAC’s Climber’s Ranch.

There are several reasons why I support the AAC:


If you are a climber or outdoor recreationalist who cares for alpine environments, join the AAC. The library, insurance, and lodging alone are worth the cost, but the benefits of supporting the advocacy and research are much greater. Alpine environments are often on the fringes of our society, therefore the voices of those that visit these environments are increasingly important. The AAC is that voice, past and present. Consider becoming a member or lending it your support at American Alpine Club.

A fine day.

A fine day on Der Bakerhorn with the above mentioned Philip.


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Stuart is a forest and natural resource professional focused on ecosystem services, GIS/data management, and sustainable forestry. Find him on Twitter.

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